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Have you ever felt like you left money or something else on the table in a real estate transaction? ​ Have you ever felt that your broker didn't listen in order to understand your needs, or didn't stop to properly research and provide you with all the information you needed to make the very best decision?

​ We help owners and users of industrial and investment commercial real estate Think Like A Professional Owner so they can navigate the entire commercial real estate process, best position themselves, save time, reduce risk and mistakes, and feel confident with their choices. ​

We understand that a price or lease rate paid or offered is a small fraction of commercial real estate representation. ​ If we wouldn’t make the same decision, we won’t recommend it. ​ We treat your asset and money like its ours. ​

As a current commercial real estate owner and previous practicing attorney who focused on real estate and tax law with over 16 years of experience in Hawaii commercial real estate, our team is best equipped to help you navigate the entire commercial real estate process.

How we are different

Striving for average or mediocre is a failing formula and we understand that the devil is in the details. We stand against sloppy, inexperienced, and incomplete representation. ​We will leverage our transaction experience, work ethic, education, and networks to completely understand and represent your needs.

What that means for you


Seller representation contains many aspects which we have taken special care to understand. ​
We assist Sellers with:
  • Property preparation
  • NOI maximization
  • Valuation
  • Marketing
  • Creating competition
  • Buyer selection
  • Due diligence
  • Vendor recommendation and management
  • Document review
  • Tax advice


Buyer representation begins long before site selection. ​
We assist Buyers with:
  • Understand their current and long term needs
  • Understand their purchasing abilities
  • Locate availabilities
  • Negotiate
  • Anticipate issues
  • Work through the due diligence process
  • Review documents and manage closing


Landlord representation means that the little things matter as much as the big. ​
We assist Landlords with:
  • Property preparation
  • Pricing
  • OPEX management
  • Vendor selection
  • Effective marketing
  • Creating competition
  • Comparing offers
  • Negotiating deals terms
  • Communicating with counsel
  • Helping tenants understand lease provisions
  • Tenant move-in
  • Preventing transaction fatigue


Tenant representation is much more than simple site selection and rate negotiation. ​
We assist Tenants with:
  • Completely understanding their business and needs
  • Helping them understand the market
  • Presenting compatible properties
  • Advocating upon the tenant’s behalf
  • Negotiating deal terms
  • Understanding lease terms
  • Suggesting vendors
  • Managing the transaction process
  • Assisting with Landlord communication
  • Pre-move in checklists
  • Move in


We have helped clients understand cost segregation and accelerated depreciation in ways that have allowed them to achieve better cash on cash returns and better qualify for loans.

We have helped clients increase their NOI by repricing expenses or renegotiating expenses in leases, resulting in higher valuations. One example of this was to remove high maintenance landscaping and increase parking or give a small amount on rent in exchange for a tenant maintaining certain items.

We have worked with buyers and sellers counsel to minimize risk exposure or clarify risk items relating to tenant leases, environmental issues, unpermitted improvements, etc.




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"I am happy to share my experiences with Bill Froelich and team. I have worked with Bill for around 10 years. Bill is one of the hardest working, creative, problem solving, never say no professional I know in the real estate business here in Hawaii. I have operations on all islands and on the west coast. I know a lot of commercial real estate people. Bill is one of the very best in the business!"

"I have worked closely with Bill Froelich on many occasions over the past 10 years. ​ I consider Bill to be among the best-in-class for Hawaii industrial brokerage. ​ Sometimes he represents sellers on deals we pursue, and at other times my company has engaged him to represent us. ​ No matter which side of the table he has been on, I have always found him to be highly professional, hard-working, and knowledgeable. In our most recent formal engagement with Bill, he helped us lease out a distribution warehouse facility at record-setting terms. This transaction was not simple, but we were very happy with the results. "

"I have had the opportunity to work with and consult with Bill Froelich over the past 10+ years. I find him to be very knowledgeable on matters of commercial real estate and commercial investment property sales.

Bill’s legal background and advisory approach has been invaluable to us. I trust Bill with our commercial real estate needs and gladly refer him to other who could benefit from his services."

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